[Fashion] Effortlessly Dope Blog - IN THE NUDE - STYLING A NUDE BODYSUIT

Now, I love me a bodysuit, and this $40 nude razor back bodysuit from Babes and Felines is perfect for my style! In this outfit, I paired the bodysuit with a Maxi Duster from BooHoo, $46 (but I bought during a sale) and a pair of Reebok Classics Nylon's that I purchased from the website www.six02.com for $54.99. The second way I styled this nude bodysuit is with a pair of thigh high boots from Shoe Dazzle and one of my new faves, a $34.99 bomber jacket from Fashion Nova. I've been trying to create an all nude outfit and this one right here is right up my alley. Check out more pics of how I styled this outfit and links to these pieces over at, www.effortlesslydope.net XOXO- PJ

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