S.W.O.L.E. - Back In The Daze: LP Field

Lately I have been hearing some of the dopest underground music hitting our email but this tape has much potential. Plus how different is it that we see a group with an authentic hip hop feel. 
Tennessee rap duo S.W.O.L.E (Souls With Only Lyrical Existence) S.W.O.L.E consists of two cousins by the names of Apex Mali and Kyro. Their new project "Back In The Daze" pays homage to their late 90's upbringing in Clarksville, Tennessee. Drawing inspiration from their childhood the duo aims to provide effortless nostalgia while still remaining current and true to their roots. So get out your dashiki, light up a blunt, and press play to instantly get taken into the world of S.W.O.L.E.