Vann - "P.M.T.L." (Pass Me The Liquor)

Nashville singer and songwriter Vann returns with the club banger “P.M.T.L.” which is the acronym for Pass Me The Liquor. Vann incorporates his signature heavy bass, distinct vocals, and crazy lyrical content to elevate any party to the next level. “P.M.T.L.” is the second single off his upcoming project Songs From The Digital Underground. It follows the Bravestarr produced track “Over" that was released mid-October last year.

Whether it’s a house party or a club Vann’s “P.M.T.L.” needs to be on your playlist because what’s a party without a few bottles? Listen to “P.M.T.L.” while “sipping on Hennessy” and make memories with people you won't forget. 

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