Ella Mai - "She Don't"

In most situations when women catch their boyfriend cheating, it brings the question “What’s wrong with me?” According to [Ella Mai], absolutely nothing. In her debut track “She Don’t” featuring Ty Dolla $ign she explains how he won’t find another like her. In fact, there isn’t another woman that will ever compare.

The London-based R&B singer is the latest artist DJ Mustard has added to his label 10 Summers roster. Although, patiently waiting for his website designers to add her photo to the site, it doesn’t take away from Mai finally being recognized for her impeccable talent. She has been a social media sensation for some time now having her covers shared thousands of times on Instagram and Facebook.

“She Don’t” is currently on repeat because it exudes the confidence and cockiness needed not to take bullsh*t. Then there’s the fact I got “99 problems but a n*gga ain’t one.” Listen to Ella Mai’s “She Don’t” featuring Ty Dolla $ign below.

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