Ducko McFli - The LostBeauxs [EP]

Nashville producer, Ducko McFli, now an ATL residence, took to the net to release his EP and it is definitely one for the season! With an R&B feel, the tape feature artists like Lorine Chia, PnB Rock, Post Malone, and more. Ducko spoke with Mass Appeal saying, 

“In layman’s terms, this project is me working with artists that I really believe in. I’m blessed to have even be able to work with all of them. The Lost Beauxs came about from me just making songs with people that I really value – then all of a sudden I had like 5 or 6 cohesive records. From there I really just wanted to expand my sound and prove that I can make an R&B-influenced project, which isn’t really my normal style. In the past year I’ve really taken it on myself to learn new skills, techniques, and really expand my sound. So at this point, I’m really just excited for people to hear everything I’ve been working on. The Lost Beaxs is really a taste of what’s to come.”