Tim Gent - It's Like That ft. Case Arnold & Drisana DeSpain (Audio)

With "Clarksville Nights" on its way, Tim Gent delivers his first single "It's like that" featuring Drisana Despain and Clarksville's hometown hero Case Arnold. It's no coincidence when I say, this track has a "Clarksville Night" feel is it? Seems like Tim is "looking to keep his spirits high and shed light in a place where they don't want to see you shine at all." Any fan of his will tell you it was only right that he have Case Arnold on the project. It's definitely respect there. The veteran came through and blessed the last verse. His message, "watch them backstabbers could be ones that you cool with." Now, someone please tell Tim Gent we got the message. All we can do now is wait for the highly anticipated project! It's time to support a young man who has a message besides guns and drugs. Like he said in this song, "If you ain't talking shit or talking bricks they ain't feeling you." With the Clarksville Natives songs on Soundcloud getting major plays, I feel it's safe to say the people have spoken. The type of music this young man makes will last forever because he has substance. For those of you who don't know "It's Like That", now you do. Stay tuned and make sure you get that "Clarksville Nights", which drops April 22nd


Side note: I've been covering Tim since I heard about him at the last Sneakers x Speakers earlier last year (2014), and I want to say it's been a pleasure watching the kid grow into an artist that I feel will be around for as long as He wants. I think Tim will know what I'm talking about. Congrats on the project!