SPCTRA ft. Chris Savor

Definitely something to vibe with as producer SPCTRA compose a soulful electronic track...

Staring out as the sun goes down, "day running down to the night", while coming to the realization that your relationship is too far gone. It's when you start forgetting who you are, and your friends say you have changed, and every time you try to fix things, it just gets worse. But still you don't want to let go, and that sentiment is at the center of this track. It's the realization that, like you can't change day and night, you can't change the fate of your love.

Spctra crafted the track as one long build up to a doubled chorus, matching the emotional journey you need to make before you are finally able to say, "we've gone too far". 

This is the second release from our Brooklyn-based collective, and we have many new tracks to come over the following weeks. I hope you enjoy listening!   

Chase CurrieComment