BROWN - My Hennessy Song [Official Video]

Brown - My Hennessy Song (Official Music Video)
Produced by: Jay-O Luciano
Directed by: Anthony Simpkins of GemsonVHS
Edited by: GemsonVHS (
Special Thanks: Elliston Soda Shop, GemsonVHS, Jay Sawyer, Nila Frederikson
Filmed on location in Nashville, Tennessee
Track 4 from "7:22" available at

It's only been 9 months since Brown released his first video "Dollar Menu Ballad", off his 7:22 EP. No, really... The artist recently had a video release party @ the Foo Bar (which went really well rumors have it) for his latest visuals. Let's just say the Nashville Native is back, and this time it's "My Hennessey Song". If you've heard the track, He tells you in his lyrics that the song is for all his "Brown" sippers, so it's only right that the video start with the Kid "sipping" on Henney. A little into the video we are introduced to what seems to be a story between a couple who are out on the night. As the cameras roll with worldofbrown rapping, from the "Soda shop" to the "bedroom" the video just continues to get more DOPE, with no dull moments between the couple. What I took away from the video is with some Hennessy, you can't go wrong. Brown delivers us another impressive visual. It honestly has a "short film" feel to it (although short in length). Now, with "Dollar Menu Ballad" & My Hennessy Song", that makes 2 videos @worldofbrown has followed up off his debut project, which dropped last year. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Will there be a 3rd or should we be expecting a new project from BROWN. Who knows, regardless of what's next though, it's obvious his team knows exactly what they are doing. S/O to @GEMSONVHS  for shooting the video, always killing it! Stay tuned, and sip on the latest from one of NASHVILLE'S very own!