Video: Tim Gent - "1993" [The Prequel]

Had a chance to catch up with the Clarksville Native @ LIVE FROM THE UNDERGROUND! Where Tim Gent put on a great performance and one of his best, on a solid line up. I got to ask Tim Gent was he ready a bit before he went on and he said yea as if he knew what I meant. 

Stepping away from just rapping, and emerging as an artist. The soon to be father, (Announced at the show) is showing that thing we call growth! Which takes us to The Prequel "1993"visuals for the debut project "Clarksville Nights". 

"In the new visuals you'll see from the moment Tim wakes up, his mind is already set to accomplish  exactly what he has set out to do."
"Father God I Thank You", Tim says.
Pay close attention to the way Tim gives you these visuals and wrap your head around it.
There are more reasons then you can make up why you need to be a Tim Gent fan. Found out for yourself right now. Check out the new "1993" [The Prequel] visuals below.