EYRST - The Last Artful, Dodgr - Fractures EP (prod. Neill Von Tally)

2015 seems to be a huge comeback year for R&B as a genre, while at the same time genre lines are becoming more and more blurred everyday. A new wave of artists find themselves combining rap, with R&B vocals, dance tempos, or even half-time, trapped out drum patterns. Enter Portland Producer, Neill Von Tally and Portland via LA vocalist, The Last Artful, Dodgr and their new collaborative effort Fractures. Just under 9 minutes of play time, the term collaboration is definitely not used lightly for this 3-track release distributed by former NBA star Martell Webster's new label, EYRST. While Dodgr approaches every instrumental with an ever evolving flow, stylistic delivery, and standout tone, she also importantly knows when and where to let Neill's soundscapes breathe, giving added life to every song. At times very dark and moody, Fractures takes the listeners on a roller coaster ride of emotion and energy. From the bouncy Slick Devious featured track, "In Demand" to the reflective, spiritual closing theme "Foreclosure," Neill and Dodgr truly achieve a unique vibe on this project that leaves listeners wondering what's next for these two artists. Available on iTunes, Spotify, and more 11:11, also be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming Fresh Selects x The Last Artful, Dodgr project, plus much more music from Neill and the EYRST family on the way.

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