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The Creative Kingz, abbreviated CKZ for short, is a hip-hip and EDM infused group comprised of Qutavius “Q” Parks and Lance Scruggs. Born in 1991, Q and Lance are, both, natives of Nashville, TN. Originally, CKZ began with six members in 2010. As time prevailed and hardships occurred, Q and Lance were the remaining members. With permission from Lance’s grandmother, CKZ had begun to curate music in her garage. With trap music as the zeitgeist, the two members want to bring a different style, not only to the forthcoming music scene of Nashville, but also to the world. CKZ released its first official music video in February of 2015, entitled “3AM.” The video was shot and directed by Wesley Crutcher in the same garage CKZ has been cultivating their sound. This video caught the attention of an upcoming local producer, Histori Irons. He is co-founder of the production group S2x777, or S2x for short. Irons’ tenacity has allowed him to formulate solid relationships with many well-known and well-connected music moguls within the city. The raw and 90’s influenced group was a match made in heaven for the three. Since, Irons and CKZ have been crafting records, the group is emerging onto the music scene. CKZ cites its influences as: Eminem, Outkast, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Dr. Dre,  Will.I.Am , Rick James, and The Beatles.

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