#TBT- Minnie Riperton

ok, so I know people have been seeing the trailers for the movie Inherent Vice, right? The very first trailer they aired featured a girl talking with real soulful , blues heavy, church choir feel type song in the back ground and I have been searching for it for weeks. Call me late to the party, but i finally figured it out that it was Minnie Riperton, the same woman famous for singing "Lovin You... is easy because your beautiful".  mmhmm. The world's most recognizable love song. Long story short, I've been enjoying some throwback r&b this past week , pretty much indulging in Ms Riperton's work & I thought I'd share a little of that magic with you. Never a bad time for some old school soul. Check out "Les Fleurs" featured in Inherent Vice, Lovin' You (in case some of you need a reminder) and a new favorite of mine "Every Time He Comes Around" on her early 70's  album Perfect Angel. Enjoy! 

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