Tre-E ft. Hu$tle - YND (Official Video)

"We are opposed around the world by a monolithic & ruthless conspiracy". Whether looking to the past, examining the present, or speculating the future, the words always ring true. Along with that ,however, one driving force always pushes back against the ways of the old men or our parents (whether young or old, you know the feeling): the present generation (i.e youth) always find a way to make their presence felt & add a different ingredient to the concoction (we'll call it chemical X). The song "Young Nigga Do It" drives this point home. The songs speaks on the vibrancy of youth. These are dark times that we are in, where youth are gunned down by many, even those thought to protect & serve, but somehow we manage to find a way to live. Forgetting the bullshit, we find a way to live, love, & enjoy the presence of FVMLY. It's almost as if the lyrics provide a snapshot of a day in the life of an inner city child. We're provided with images of the "old timers" kicking back over a couple brews. Youth enjoying themselves amongst friends & family alike. Blowing a couple trees (not a verbatim quote). "Boxing the madness/taking the hits". It isn't easy living the life. From young to old, we all have our own battles. Our parents can't fight every war we have, so it's up to us "young niggas" to somehow handle the issues we face today. Topics of police brutality or racism, though around during the time of our parents, must ultimately be solved by us. But as much as it suggests that we are the change, it also speaks on our consistency. At our roots, we are all the same. Still gonna say "fuck these haters & get this paper". Hoes will still be a topic of conversation. One can even go further to say that though the young nigga can be a trailblazer or one who opens new paths, he never forgets where he started. At the center of the being of's still FVMLY first at the end of the day. That's how a YND. - Tre-E

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