New Music: The BlackSon- Feel It In The Heir

The first time i got a chance to hear the TheBlackSon was at a Dom Kennedy show earlier this year. I remember leaving that show with more highlights from his brief stage time than Dom’s. The song Wiretaps (see below) really caught my attention, after the show i had to spend a little time researching this guy that reps BlackCity. His soundcloud had some nice tracks, i listened to everything on his page about 3 or 4 times, and then i put a bookmark in my mind regarding The BlackSon.

So fast forward to today, I am doing my daily soundcloud scan for local artist. And i see his name on a repost, I check out the track and my first thought was damn, he got even better. The BlackSon is another of the many examples of how lyrically this city can be. Check out his latest track right here. Its a freeverse to the legendary track “Feel It In The Heir” give it a listen and tell me what you think. Also check out his tape BlackSon Rising and keep your eyes and ears open for more music right here @whatrudoinblog.

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